Book, anyone?

I've decided to start a book that I bought while book shopping during lunch with L -- Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, by Allan Gurganus. I've only read 9 pages of 718, but it's very good. And Christen, who doesn't read (gasp), said he might like to borrow it when I'm done because the only kind of book he reads is the war novel, which this kinda is. I don't usually read war novels, but it doesn't quite come across like that. I'll let you know.
Also, on my trip I reread Pat Conroy's Beach Music, which is beautiful, Nine Parts of Desire, which was obsessively interesting, and News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which was also quite good.
While we were waiting for the mall to open in Gainesville (so I could buy my bookworm teeshirt, but the place didn't have it anymore) we stopped at Books-A-Million, and I read Kathy Buckley's autobiography and bought Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch and a history book called Modern Times by Paul Johnson.
Happy Reading!


L said...

don't forget to update me when you finish it...

YouWho said...

I really like Marquez. Have you read One Hundred Years of Solitude? My favorite of his.