Hoorah for me!

I'm getting a puppy! Christen said I could! ... he made me wait all weekend for his decision, but whatever. More later, and pictures to follow when I get her (Christen said it couldn't be today because we've got dinner plans tonight) but I'm running late for work, of course.

Oh, and I had a dream that I was stabbed in the back by my mother and left for dead outside some writer's house and he started taking care of me. My back hurt when I woke up. It was very odd.

Okay, now I really have to go! Toodles for now!


Jamie said...

Yea! Do you know what kind? I love dogs, I'm so excited for you!

panthergirl said...

WOW! I see the puppy now so I know that happened, but I'm "wow"ing about your dream! Sounds like the kind of thing I'd dream about, too!

Here via michele...