Toodles for the weekend!

As I'm going to a lingerie party for a bride-to-be this weekend, I shant be here for a bit. They've extended the Sunday evening shindig for the whole weekend. Sounds like fun, and since we're going to the beach, I shall probably from Monday forward be referred to as Rock Lobster. We know the translucent white legs well, people.

We are also going (gasp) clubbing, I think. If I don't knock myself out with -- a club -- I will be back to share my escapes -- oh, I mean escapades ... wish me luck!


L said...

have fun :)

Russ said...

Hello Princess. Michele sent me.
Hey, I'm from Ocala just up the road.
Have fun clubbing, just don't hit too hard

Ciera said...

Here from Michele's.

Have fun!

Carmi said...

Sounds like you're in for a lovely time. Enjoy...and don't forget to share your stories and images when you get back. We'll be waiting.

I'm here from Michele's this afternoon.