The brother ...

The brother and I spent the evening together. Things discussed over dinner:

-- wierd mispellings -- "jester" instead of "gesture"
-- "patients" instead of "patience"
-- midgets dancing on the boardroom table
-- The Kitten Club: Now Open -- All positions
-- different lusts that get people to my blog
-- meeting authors and directors before they die
-- the prevelance of suicide among people we actually like instead of those whom we wish would just die
-- people we hate in common (can we say Will Farrell, anyone?)
-- ordering chicken wings in an Italian restaurant
-- penises with googly eyes
-- search terms (try explaining a Houdini penis cage to a 15-year old)
-- Terry Gilliam
-- The nerdy guy on Road Trip and his knobby nose


VegasGustan said...

Ah, you hate Will Farrell?

He was funny on SNL and in Old School. However, Anchorman, Bewitched, okay everything pretty much but those two.

Houdini Penis Cage?

glomgold said...

No hate for Will Ferrell but he sure ain't funny!
Your grandma wrote to 'son of sam' and you've a friend who's chums with Firehouse? Insane!

Ivan said...