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I have mosquito bites all over, and they itch like crazy. I didn't have enough time to stop for calamine lotion because I got off late and only had time to pick up chinese on my way home for my magazine meeting. But they're in my hair and on my waist and ankles ... ahhh! Anybody have any home remedies for stopping the itchies?

According to the Wu Tang Generator, I shall from this day forward be called "Midnight Demon" and my wonderful boyfriend will be named the "Happy Dominator." Now doesn't that make you happy? (props to Sharky for the link.)


VegasGustan said...

Oatmeal will stop it quick. If you put a crap load of oatmeal in the a bath it will help alot. Seriously.

Besides, you have to do what Violent Destroyer says bitch!

katie said...

Try applying clear nail polish on top of them.

dMervyn said...

OK. My turn. Get some aloe cream, it's the best. Ahhhloe... (it's getting late).

Jamie said...

I second the Oatmeal idea and it won't dry your skin out.

I once found a "Prison Bitch" name generator.

See if it still works:


Oh yeah, and you can call me Fearless Contender!

glomgold said...

How about hydrocortizone?

L said...

Oh Yeah! I'm " Drunken Killer!

VegasGustan said...

You never answered the interview questions...what gives?

Alli said...

might i love you?

the frog princess said...

okay, so we went with benadryl gel, because I didn't know how to get the oatmeal back out of my bath and I needed something I could take with me in case they started itching again. I think clear nail polish is for ticks, but I could be mistaken.
VG -- I totally forgot about the interview questions! It wasJames Patterson one (that was easy) but was going to wait on the others and forgot. I'll do it tonight (right now I've gotta get an oil change and go to my new employer to fill out the new hire paperwork and take my drug test.
alli -- i'll roll with that ... but why might you love me?