of food and w(h)ine

I was in the mood to cook last night. I adore cooking, but lately I've not been in the mood, relegating the deed instead to Christen, who makes wonderful mac & cheese (okay, so I taught him) and other useful things. But last night I had a hankering for cooking-- I just didn't know what I wanted to cook. Wandering around Publix, I decided -- Chicken cutlets (okay, they were on sale) stuffed with goat cheese and basil, witha butter wine sauce and my lovely sushi rice with the rest of the goat cheese (I never remember to use it twice before it goes bad so I just use it in everything for the meal to finish it up) and a little more basil. And guess what I found! In the veggie section under where I usually get my little bag of basil was this stuff from Gourmet Garden called Basil and Herb Blend -- and it's fantastic! What's left ofmy basil always withers and goes to mush before I finish with it. This stuff lasts up to 3 months, and it doesn't turn your food green or anything; it worksjust like regular basil. No preservatives ... I'm in heaven here. Now if only I hadn't run out of wine.

Work's been crazy lately; I'm up a little early so I can post before work (VegasGustan, I'm loading your interview questions on my thumbdrive so I can try to answer them at work; I swear I haven't forgotten!) but I haven't had the time or the drive to post after work. It's inventory time. I relish in the knowledge I will never have to work another inventory at this godforsaken place. We didn't get our bonuses like wewere supposed to. Oh, we bonused. Yep, but only the managers got bonuses. What kind of bullshit is that, right? Who got the store to bonus? Us, the peons; but that doesn't matter. Arg. I've less that two weeks. Hurrah!

So I was noticing on my site meter last night that I was getting a lot of hits from this site and when I went there -- Voila! There was another book lust! Not only that, but she was complaining that there was another book lust (yeah, that'd be me) and linked my site to prove it. It was an amusing rant (we both took the name from a book, so it's not as if either of us could copywrite it or anything) and I commented ... but really, what's in a name? I am indeed a luster of books, I'm driven to read more and different books.That's why I mention them on this site. I also am a player of bowling (I wouldn't exactly call myself a bowler, based on my scores), a geocacher, a camper (not an RV though, I'm not that wide) , a lover of movies, etc. No one thing defines me (I feel like that scary chick on Keeping the Faith). But bookluster defines me best.

I finished Neff's The Wrong Man, and as much as I enjoyed the first half of the book, toward the end I have to admit I started skimming. It just started getting bogged down with intricate parts that made no sense. But I'm glad Sheppard was aquitted. I remember reading about the trial before, probably in high school American Government (but I slept through that course, so what do I know?) but I didn't know any of the details, and this book was a good source of finding it all -- good and bad.I've also compiled a list of about 60 books that Iwant to read, most of which are taken from the This American Life bookstore (which means they covered the books on the radio show) plus some that I've lying around but haven't gotten to. Moving all these books again is going to be a bitch, I'll tell you that. But I'll post my list later. Gotta get to work now!


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