I've got Lance in my pants ...

No, the crackers ... I swear! Do you hate those radio commercials as much as I do? Sometimes I just wish I hadn't strayed from Sinatra and James Taylor, I'm tellin' you.

I know you're all dying to know how my first few days of work went, right? Well. The first day I sat next to a girl that seemed really nice ... and she was. And, her name was the same as mine, and we drive the same kind of car, own the same shirt (she was wearing one that I own and I accidentally wore the same shirt the next day) and lives about 15 minutes from me (in the complex next to the one I used to live in). It was all very wierd. The first two days were all about HR and customer service and benefits and all that. Today was the first day of what will prove to be a very boring two and a half weeks. This is what I learned about all you in New Jersey: You have to carry tons of insurance, and there are a lot of fraud cases because of it. That is all. Thank you very much.

So except for the ridiculous drive (usually an hour) everything seems to be doing fine. I really need to find a place in South Tampa. I can't do this whole drive any longer than July. Can't do it.

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