it's peepilicious!

My Easter weekend was beautiful fun. And it came with no occupational strings attached. That's right, folks. I am no longer an office supply guru -- I am now an insurance claims adjuster. For New Jersey. Yes, I live in Florida. The regional office is in Clearwater, and we take care of the entire East coast. Texas has the Western region. Headquarters in California. Yeah, cuz we're cool like that.

Anywho, about the weekend. I was pretty sure it was going to be fun. Friday night I had drinks with some of the girls from work. Let me tell you, four beers are still too many for me. It was happy hour and I had four, and came home sloshed and happy. Saturday my sister came over to use my sewing maching (even though I did most of the sewing) and spent the night. We went bowling (high score 148, other scores 121 and 119) and tried to get my bowling ball from the south Tampa sports store but they didn't have it done. When you promise something to get done in two days, don't you deliver? Well, they didn't. I bought a ball Thursday afternoon and the guy said it would be done Friday, so I said I'd pick it up Saturday. Yep, not done. They said they'd have it done on Monday for me, so we'll see. I had to use the alley ball again, but that's okay. I'm use to it. A quick trip to the mall and we were home in time to order a pizza and hang out. I love 12-year-old girls. (don't make that something it's not)

My air conditioning broke Saturday night, so sleeping wasn't in the cards, but Sunday we got up early to do the sunrise service thing. It's out in the park, and as usual I made fun of everyone on stage, but it was very cute. A visit with the grandmas and the grave caravan (where we put fake flowers on all the dead people that we know's graves) and then it was poker and ham at Nana's for 5 hours. Great fun, I tell you.

If it weren't for this dern head cold, I'd be great. I thought it was a sinus infection, but I'm doing better so I think it's a cold. It needs to go away. Now.

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