feeling faint

So the bloodmobile made its rounds today and I gave blood. I actually was quite fine, but probably because they actually followed my instructions: Right arm, blood pressure cuff. No exceptions. I know you feel the vein and are confident you will only have to stick me once, but let me tell you -- if you have to stick me more than once I feel obligated to return the favor.
But anyhow, my arm hurt a little but I'm fine now. I was just typing a little slower for the last hour and a half of work. And that's fine because who wants to work, truely?
ShellBell and Mr. Monkey and I are going to dinner tonight and then to see Autumn* one last time before she and her boyfriend leave for New York. I'm going to try not to think about it because I'll cry and there will be plenty of time for crying when I help them pack the truck on Thursday! I'm bringing my camera so maybe I'll bless you with some pictures :)

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L said...

I always feel faint after giving blood...