Fine: $114.50

So there are these signs all over Safety Harbor: Do not block intersection; $114.50 Fine. How do you come up with that amount? I giggle every time I see one.

We've decided where we're going for vacation, so Washington D.C. here we come! I'm so excited; we've decided to camp in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland and go in to the city for a couple days and then heading to Tennessee and Fall Creek Falls Park for the rest of the week, stopping for a night here and there between destinations. I promise to take as many pictures as my memory card will allow, and I'll buy another card if I need to :)


Bob said...

$100 - county
$9 - city
$5.50 - dozen donuts for patrol

NPR Junky said...

I gotta tell you, that is a very arbitrary fine. However, I have to say that my favorite fine of all time is the $350 fine in NYC for HONKING.

Right, like anyone would be able to point to any one car and say "yeah, that's the one. He just honked."

glomgold said...

I bet that extra 50 cents is to cover the cost of printing up the ".50" on the sign.

NYC traffic cops love arbitrary fines. Signs and meters are just for yucks. There's no other way to explain why I get parking tickets when there's still goddamned time left on the meter!!!
(I wonder if technically cops could bust me for the little honk that emits when using the key-remote to lock the car).