Rock you like a hurricane.

So the hurricane missed us ... again. I can't say I'm upset, but I do feel bad for those hit. Hurricanes bite. This one I actually didn't know about until I was on the phone with a body shop in Jersey and they said ... okay, I'm borrowing from MooCow for a second and sock puppet theatre this one:

Body Man (not to be confused with Mountain Man, or James Taylor's Walking Man): Yer in Florida?
Me: Yesseree I am
BM: You gonna get hit by that hurricane?
Me: Hurricane? Oh, you mean that thing out in the Atlantic. Yeah, that's all the way on the other side of the state. What's it called? Katerina? Some figure skating name. Russian, maybe.

So then I came home and asked Christen:
Me: Is there a hurricane?
Him: Yeah, I don't know. I think so. When isn't there a hurricane?

All this was Friday. Now I'm looking at the pictures of New Orleans and Mississippi and I feel bad. Hope you're all alright!


L said...

I am still shocked and angry over what's happened with the aftermath of the hurricane... absolutely unbelievable

glomgold said...

Yes, it is inexcusable. Which means that we will hear nonstop excuses from the politicians until another tragedy comes along.