spendin' moolah.

I finally made my reservations on Orbitz for Punta Gorda in a week and a half, and so of course there's a tropical depression south of here. They say it's going toward the Bahamas, so maybe we'll be safe. I don't want to waste my money. And I want to have fun, of course! It's the Survivor geocacher's event for the anniversary of Hurricane Charley. Let's go crazy!
Okay, I'm tired and am slightly nuts.
And I forgot today was Tuesday.
I go now.


VegasGustan said...

Well, here's hoping you have a great trip when you go. And some good sleep tonight.

VegasGustan said...

Hello, your questions are posted in my comments section. Enjoy....

NPR Junky said...

Um, I may just be slow, but can you explain this new vacation of yours?

Have a great weekend!

And! Some point next year, Jason and I will be coming down to visit his parents (they live in FL) and I promise I will stop by. We'd come this year, but I'm about out of vacation.

the frog princess said...

Okay. There's this thing called Geocaching that I'm obsessed with. People hide things and post the coordinates on a Web site (geocaching.com) and then other people get the coordinates off the Web site and put them into their GPS units and hunt what was hidden. It's usually more about the hunt than what you find, but people hide containers from the size of a pencil eraser to 5-gallon buckets with all kinds of toys and cheezy fun things and when you find the container you can trade items -- take something and leave something.
The vacation that I'm taking is for a geocaching event, which is when a lot of geocachers get together (usually at a park) and geocache together and hang out and have a lot of fun. This event is for the aniversary of Hurricane Charley, because it hit Punta Gorda exactly a year ago and caused a lot of damage, messed up a lot of people's lives and washed away a lot of geocaches. So the geocaching residents of that area are hosting a geocaching event to celebrate that the'yre still here!