Ahh, the week after.

Christmas, as I suppose I should start with, was pretty decent. I was sick, as usual (yes, Becky, I am always sick. I know, I know, I need to start taking my vitamins.). But this time I was just sick because I went to the doctor on Friday and he started me on antibiotics for a lymph node infection and it messed my whole system up. I hate amoxicillin. So I was sick. Blegh. Then Christen's grandma went into the hospital on Christmas Eve. So that sucked. But otherwise, it was a good holiday. Not much stress, anyhow. We spent C-mas eve with my dad's fam in Bradenton (yes, I stopped by mom's mom and said hi; every once in awhile I'm a good grandkid). It was an interesting time, and I got to see my cousin which was awesome (and I friend-requested her on MS -- I love having 14-year-old cousins! hehe). I somehow talked Christen into exchanging our gifts on C-mas Eve night, and so that was nice and stressfree. Christmas day we family-hopped, first to my mom's, then his parent's, then his Nana's and finally to the hospital to visit with Grandma before coming home for a nap and to put away all of our stuff.

But ahh, the week after Christmas. When you can go use your gift cards, and buy the stuff on your list that no one got, and play with your video games (yes, I'm a dork. I got Sims 2 Pets for my GBA and that's all I do right now) and read your new books ... Before New Years resolutions and wedding prep and trying to lose 30 pounds ... ahh, so nice.

Tuesday night I got to see Autumn (and Joy and Mel and all of Autumn's fam) and that was super great. She tried on her bridesmaid dress and I daresay she looks amazing and I don't even think she'll need a shred of altering -- not even a hem) and I got home very late and didn't even care. Tonight Shell and I exchanged gifts (she's awesome -- she got me this and this (autographed!) and a couple gift cards for Christen and I to share.)

But that's all I have for tonight. If you'll excuse me, I've got a video game to play. :) Toodles!

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Sharon said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful -- I am happy to hear it!
happy New Year to you!