Cheers to the season

So I've noticed that the emails that I've written the past couple of days have not been particularly coherent. I think I wrote something to NPR Junky about being wanted in 32 states means they'd be spread a little thin, and then something about not wanting her to be in the witness protection program ... so forgive me. I'm insane this holiday season.

I've bought scotch and cigar paraphernalia for Christen for Christmas. Do you think I'm trying to kill him? Hmm. Oh, and a dress shirt. Nice.

I'm trying slowly to get my Christmas shopping done. I wanted to get Lola a grayhound, but Christen said no. So I got her a toothbrush and some bones instead. I'm hoping she doesn't sniff them out before Christmas and unwrap them -- they've been under the tree for a couple days.

Anyhow, back to incoherence!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the land of the living!

Anonymous said...

Consider those bones goners. ;)