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It's 10:30(ish). I've been up for hours, and home for just a little bit. We spent the night at Shea & Kyle's last night. Christen went out with the boys and I spent the evening with Shea. It was a lot of fun. I haven't seen her in a couple weeks, so we had catching up to do. We had sushi at the cute little place on Collier Parkway (note: the catepillar rolls there have spicy mayo on them! I couldn't feel my tongue ...) and had wine back at the condo watching TLC and The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Overall, a very nice way to spend the evening. Shea told me I'm probably be killed for letting Shell know we had sushi without her ... :) Love you Shell! Sushi soon, right? :)

Friday was a nice day. I took a second bereavement day so I could help my dad if he needed it when the family came in for the memorial, but I didn't end up going over there so I ended up with a very nice, stressfree day. We bought my wedding ring, which was uber-exciting. I've been looking at this ring since we got engaged, and I couldn't find one anywhere else that I liked as much. So yesterday we bit the bullet and got it. It came with this gorgeous tulip Mikasa vase (befitting us, with the tulips and all) and finally that's done. Christen's ring had to be sent back because they sent the wrong size, so we still haven't received that, but it's on the way. You know the holiday mail season.

Christen thinks I should get a DVD copy of Hebrew Hammer for Richard for Hannakuh. I'm not sure -- I can never tell if he'll think something is funny or not. He's got a great sense of humor, but sometimes you just can't tell. Anybody any votes? Yay or Nay? Otherwise I wanted to get him this shirt:

But I'd have to order it and it won't get here in time.

Most of my other shopping is done. I've been wrapping as I've been buying, so other than finishing up on what I got yesterday, I'm pretty caught up. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go do that now.

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