Courtesy of my stupidity

I was doing well at work today. I got here 6 minutes early. I worked diligently all day, and got a lot done.

Then, at 3:56pm, terror struck. I couldn't find my shoes. I had to pee. I take off my shoes while I'm working, and put them on only if I have to go to another floor or if I go to the bathroom. I hadn't been anywhere in 2 hours, and when I went to put on my shoes to go to the bathroom they were gone. I thought my supervisor had taken them, because he's always teasing me about being barefoot. But he wasn't at his desk. I searched my desk, my drawers, his desk, the local desks of people who were on vacation. After 10 minutes, I was crying and shaking because I couldn't find them anywhere. Who would do this to me?

Someone in another department wandered by with them. I had left them in someone's cube 2 hours ago when I was discussing a file. The only reason I had them on at her desk was because I had come from a different floor, and I must have absent-mindedly taken my shoes off while standing there discussing.

I was so embarrassed. My shoes are now properly on my feet, and yes, I did get to go to the bathroom. Now, I'm going home.


Anonymous said...

I know how you felt. It's crazy how something can be forgotten like that and make you feel so horrible later. I hate losing things and I go crazy when I can't find something.

I hope tomorrow's a better day.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with my pants once.

Anonymous said...

Were they some of your Madden's? Because if so, I don't blame you for crying! ;-)