Oh happy day

So my neighbor's house has been up for sale for an eon. I don't like my neighbors very much -- I don't really know why; they can be nice. They're friends with my landlord and I always feel like they're spying on me. And when we first moved in they kept telling my landlord when we did something wrong, like when we didn't get garbage service right away because I didn't realize it wasn't included in with the water (like at the last house). And the husband mows my lawn for the landlord (I'm not sure why we're not able to mow our own damn lawn, but whatever) and he doesn't even ask before he traipses through the backyard, even though the dog is back there all the time.
So needless to say (or it would be needless if I would shut up ...obscure Empire Records reference) I'm way excited that they are finally hopefully selling the house and I'm hoping we get cooler neighbors. That would rock.

Part Man. Part Street. 100% Kosher.

Christen and I did some hardcore Christmas shopping yesterday. We finished all except for his parents and my grandmother, and to finish shopping for each other (of course, that's always the last to be done). I'm so happy about that. Not that I was stressing too much, but I like the sense of accomplishment. I'm not one of these people that freaks out about Christmas and gets all stressed about getting everything done. We never put our lights up outside, because I told Christen it was his job this year and it didn't get done. I don't care. We put up the tree and it's beautiful, and then I've just been doing a little shopping at a time. Yesterday I made a list of everything we needed to get and where we needed to go and we drove around and ironed out all the details.
Note: when going Christmas shopping, do not ever wear tight jeans that have a small hole in the crotch. After getting in and out of the car several times, the hole will no longer be small and you will be forced to stop at Kohl's to buy new jeans, and you will only be able to find your size in "long" even though you are only 5'4" so you will have to roll them up. Then you will also decide you need to buy 2 shirts and a cami so that you can change your whole outfit in the car because you reek of smoke for stopping in the cigar shop for 20 minutes to pick out a gift for your fiance's best friend and anyway, your old shirt looks silly with the new jeans.
We found Hebrew Hammer out in the Tampa Best Buy, which is a great find for my best friend's husband. Of course, now I'm going to have to borrow it because I've never seen it and it looks hilarous. I wish I could also find a Chanukah Tonica shot glass or something, but I can't find anything along those lines.


TrueJerseyGirl said...

My across-the-street neighbors are moving as well, and while I like them, I am hoping COOL people (much like myself, ahem) move in. I hope the same for you!

glomgold said...

Hebrew Hammer?!
So far I haven't had any embarrassing hole in the pants stories. But maybe I did and just chose not to remember them.
Happy Holidays.
Good luck with new, good neighbors.