Books devoured this week

All were beautiful, lovely, and each was finished in less than a day.


Azgreeneyes said...

I'm getting ready to start Kite Runner...Glad to hear you thought it was lovely!

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Kim said...

OMG! In one day! How do you have the time? It takes me forever to finish a book! I've heard so many good things about Kite Runner that I will have to try to squeeze that one in.
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TamWill said...

My Sister's keeper looks interesting. I will have to look these up, I covet books! Thanks for the info :)
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Leah said...

hello. Michele sent me.
Your a voracious reader for sure. I'll try one of them.

Nikki-ann said...

Wow, you read books fast!

Here from Michele's :) I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Grins said...

I read Kite Runner when it first came out and have raved about it since. Everyone I've gotten to read it has loved it as well. Glad to see it has another fan!

panthergirl said...

I loved The Kite Runner too. I wish I had the time to devour one book a day! Audible.com makes it easier to read more than I have in the past, though.

On my headphones right now? The Secret Life of Bees.