Crying over spoilt milk

So overnight the milk in my fridge decided to spoil. I know it was overnight because last night we had pie and milk and everything was fine. This morning I poured myself a big glass of milk to take with me to work. I got on the road, I took a giant swig ... and was almost sick. It actually made me ill all day. Sadly, this also made me have to throw away the rest of the pie since it was made with the same milk and it wasn't cooked, so it spoiled too (or at least I wasn't going to take the chance).

The storms are bad bad right now. I had to lock Lola inside because she wouldn't stop going outside and the lightning is very close. It's pretty bad -- it would be nicer if it were morning and I was able to sleep in. But alas, I'm just hanging out at home watching WS of Pop Culture (it's the finals, baby) and soothing the dog.

I played Sims tonight for awhile and got really far ... and then the computer froze. And I had just gotten Shell and Richard to fall in love ... damn it. I'll have to work on that again, I guess. I'm waiting for a non-storm night though.

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Carmi said...

Nothing grosses me out more than bad dairy products. It's frightening how something can be so good when it's fresh, and so nauseating when it isn't.

Glad you recovered.

Popped in from Michele's.