I think this woman is hot.

And I hate when they hide her freckles.


Tracie said...

As a freckled person, I just have to say--keep the freckles!!

Michele sent me to say hi!

Carmi said...

I vote for freckles, too. They're uniqueness personified.

Who is this person?

the frog princess said...

Juliette Nicholson

cyndy - milehighdiva said...

Freckles are angel kisses.
(said by another freckled lady)
Here from Michele

Vickie said...

And who is Juliette Nicholson? She is indeed hot, and as a freckled redhead, I totally agree. Freckles rock.

the frog princess said...

Sorry, actually her name is Julianne Nicholson.

And this is Julianne Nicholson. :)

kenju said...

I love freckles too. I used to have them all over, but now that I am older, I just have age spots...LOL

Do you collect frogs? I do.
Thanks for the visit today!