Sushi Snob

So I've come to grips with the fact that I am indeed a sushi snob. I realized this when I called Shiki Sushi to order take-out on my way home. "We open at 5. You come at 5?" He said. Of course, it was 4:30, but I said sure thing. So driving there, I realized that I didn't have anything to eat it on. I have my usual plates, but they're these old green flowered plates that my mom got me as a housewarming present in college and they're not the most attractive plates in the world. Mom even said so when she gave them to me. So since I had half an hour to kill I stopped by Super Target and bought really pretty white plates to eat my sushi on. With my little black soy ramikans and my new red chopsticks (Thank you, Shelley) it was the perfect setting for my meal. I got a spider roll, a phillie roll and a dragon roll, but they don't put eel in the dragon roll. However, they do serve it with eel sauce. Very suspicious. I figured out what I'm not fond of with the sushi there: it's too salty. The tempura breading tastes like it was fried in seawater. Not inedible, but not as satisfying as Toki. My final judgement.


Paul Sveda said...

Gonna have to be honest and admit that I find nothing appealing about sushi.



Michele says hello.

Carmi said...

I'm with Paul. I've had sushi on a number of occasions, and all I could think of whenever I would eat it was how much it reminded me of tuna...and how much more expensive it was.

Still, I appreciate the artistry that goes into preparing it. I'd love to explore a sushi meal with a camera.

David said...

here from michele, dropping off some raw fish. if you want sushi tales read Adrift by steven callahan, 76 days lost at sea.