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I’ve written a couple blogs since my last and neglected to post them … lazy, you may say? Yeah, I’ve been lazy. It’s been nice, too. :) Sunday after my crappy day Christen came home and we went for Chinese food, which was a pleasant excursion. The day did get better before he got home though – I watched Shopgirl and The White Countess (liked the first, bored by the latter) and addressed all my Save the Date cards (I keep trying to shorten that, but STD cards doesn’t portray exactly what I wish to portray) with my new caligraphy pen (I bought a cheap-o but it works great). The culmination of the “bad day” part of Sunday was when I started crying because I couldn’t find the Sims cd (Christen put it in this little drawer thing in the computer). I found it, but I think it was just one of those days where you need to go to bed and wake up the next day and forget about the rest of the day. Or maybe if we just had a “reset” button like on Nintendo.

Irony: On the TBT, Sweetbay has an ad that says “Taste the Passion” right under the article about Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest. Hehe. So Monday, Christen had the day off and decided to take me to work and pick me up, and also to take me to lunch. It was a nice day, although I wished I was just home with him instead of at work for him to pick up. We were supposed to take the deposit for the reception hall over, but the lady wasn’t there so we’ve had to reschedule for Sunday. And so we ended up spending the hours after work at Borders looking at wedding magazines and bouquet books. I found a beautiful bouquet that I think might work if I replace some of the flowers with tulips (it had a lot less tulips than I would prefer). Monday we also started working on the Save the Date cards because Christen was home to get the printer working (I don’t understand; it works for him but never for me) and actually got them almost done. I finished them yesterday when I got home. The girls and I had planned on doing them tonight but this is better – we can have a nice night and talk shop but not actually have to do anything, which is the nicest thing. Last night I made a Chocolate Banana Pie for tonight (if it’s any good I’ll post the recipe for you), finished the cards, and played Sims 2 (hurrah! I finally graduated college in the damn thing!). Tonight I’m making dinner for the girls – Chicken Bryan (an altered recipe from one I found online and it’s fantastic) with garlic spinach, croissants or cheese biscuits (I haven’t decided yet) and chocolate banana pie. Woohoo! I think we might mosy on over to The Zone if the boys are playing again tonight. I’m sure it’ll all be fun! Toodles!

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