we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

So I’ve been trying to read The Way the Crow Flies, and I just can’t get into it. Technically, I guess I’m into it – I’ve read 56 pages of it. But it’s just not thrilling me. So I bought 15 books from a Jordan, some of which I bought for my brother but all of which I plan on reading and borrowed two Anthony Bourdain books from Brad, so I think I’m going to put this aside. If someone has read it and liked it, please tell me if it gets more intriguing. I don’t want to read all 810 pages thinking as I turn the page, “I don’t want to put this down, because one day it’ll get good” and then it just doesn’t. That happened when I saw Not Another Teen Movie in the theater. I was sick, and wanted to sleep through it, but I kept thinking I was going to fall asleep and miss the one funny part. It turned out I should have just taken the nap. So I brought A Cook’s Tour with me to work, which I’ll probably start reading during lunch. I love food porn.

I’ve decided not to worry about the divorce rate in America anymore. I figure, in my family there’s not nearly as much divorce as I would think: My parents are divorced, and my uncle has been divorced twice, and my aunt has once (she’s been remarried for 10-15 years). But that’s it. So theoretically, my family has a very low divorce rate. And in Christen’s, the rate is even lower – I think two of his uncles have been divorced, and one of them has been remarried for awhile, and his aunt has been divorced and remarried for ages. Plus, I could have gotten married when all my friends from high school got married, but I’d probably be divorced now too. I was just too young; everything about me has changed. The guy I would have married and I are just two completely different people now. Nothing against him, I’m still rather fond of him (although it did take awhile for us to grow up enough to be friends again).

Last night I went over Jordan’s and cooked for him and Brad. I made that veggie pesto pasta with shrimp and a chocolate peanut butter pie, and I must say – all food was fabulous. Hehe. It was a lot of fun though, which I am very happy about. I was starting to worry about some of the friendships there, as it had been a long time since I had seen either of them and a very long time since I had even spoken to one of them. But there was great conversation, lots of laughter, good food, good wine (Jordan got a bottle of wine for us, and it was not bad at all – La Bastarda, or something like that). Very pleased, I was. It must not be that long before we do it again.

Tonight is girl’s night, and I have pledged to make the trek back out to Tampa because I am the only one with air conditioning and they’ve been driving out to see me for the past two or three weeks. I don’t know what we are to do – currently there’s not a lot of wedding issues to iron out, although I do need to get on with a photographer, dj, and florist. I’ve picked out the dj & florist, but I really need to contact them to make sure that they are available for that day. And I have a few prospects for photographers. Man, if you want to make good money, become a wedding photographer. They make money hand over fist, seriously. I wish I made $225-350 an hour. I should get Christen start doing weddings. He’s a really good photographer; he just needs a good digital camera, which he plans on getting for the honeymoon anyhow. So afterward I can start farming him out to different weddings, maybe at a discount price until he gets some experience so he has pictures for his Web site, and hike up the prices to two grand for a 6-hour session. Sound like a plan? I do need to start working out. I put on this dress that I love today and it was a bit tighter than usual – still fits, but not as comfortably as it should. Plus, I ordered my wedding dress, and though I didn’t order a size too small, I did order the tighter size, with the intention of dropping 5-10 lbs to make it more comfortable, which would mean that I wouldn’t need to get the bodice taken in at all (read: cheaper). I want to join a gym close to home, so that when I’m sitting on my butt at home I can just go around the corner to work out. I was working out at the work gym, but my workout partner stopped coming, and then I kept on for a little while longer and then I got waylaid as well. I might just buy some little weights and try to start walking, but I don’t know how much drive I’ll have that way either.

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