What's a lost apostrophe between friends?

For some reason if I post to this blog first and then copy it to my MySpace, I lose all the punctuation except periods. Never lose your period.

Went out with the girls last night for sushi at Bonsai sushi -- it was fantabulous! The usual suspects, of course, and a couple specialty rolls like a Rising Sun roll and a Gator Roll (with tempura gator on top) ... yum yum! But no yum yum, because I'm not a fan. We also meandered through the stores and went shopping but we were all pretty good about our spending (for once ... hehe). I stayed later than I meant to at Shelley's, because Christen was going to be home late and I didn't want to be home too long by myself late at night. It turned out he got home about 45 minutes after me, and we stayed up talking until far too late. It was hard to get up for work this morning. To tell you the truth, this whole week has been tough. Hopefully I'll get caught up by tomorrow afternoon and next week will be easier. I don't like not enjoying work.

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