Ahhh, shopping

Took the man-child and the evil sister shopping today, him to the used bookstore and her to get a dress for her 8th grade dance. That's all I've got. Tonight's for relaxing.

(note: not my dog. Cute though, even if it is a spaniel.)


Anonymous said...

April your picture is crackin' me up. Don't you wish you could get that relaxed?

Our Maltese turns into dishrag whenever my wife or I finally sit on the couch or recliner. She will jump up on our lap and then somehow manage to position herself into an impossibly small area between us and the arm of the couch or recliner. Here comes that heavy sigh you've mentioned in an earlier blog, then the dishrag occurs. I think she loses every bone in her body. I mean to say she becomes an utter and complete blob!
Michele sent me and I'm glad she did. I like your blog. Thanks for the smile.

Thumper said...

Even in sleep, one muxt be ready to play... LOL I love that picture.

I wanna go to the used bookstore...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Very Cute! And I love Spaniels!
Here from Michele this afternoon...
Hope you had successful dress buying and book buying, too!

That's a GREAT picture, by the way...Spaniels, Always-At-The-Ready! LOL!