Running for nothing

Someone needs to tell Molly's owner that it is not in good etiquette to leave the double gates open at the dog park when yours is not the last dog leaving. Dumb bitch (the owner, not the dog). Last night I took Lola and Jazzy (mom's dog) and my brother to the dog park for a little while. Because of traffic we got there with only about 20 minutes until closing, but at least they could run around a little bit until we had to drag them back home. There were about 4 dogs still there, but they left very shortly after we got there. The last dog to leave was Molly, an older water spaniel (I think). We hung around for about 10 more minutes and then walked up to the gate where the dogs pushed right through and took off! Jazz was pretty easy to catch - he's fat and slow and obedient. Lola likes to run. It took me about 20 minutes of running to catch her, and then it wasn't even me that caught her. The maintenance dude caught up with her in his cart.

The silver lining? She took a monster dump in the people's side of the park, and since I was trying to catch her at the time I didn't have to clean it up :)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I've gone with my mother-in-law to the dog park here and it's great.. except when people bring their newborn babies and set them on benches... with 80 pound dogs excitedly playing all around them. The dog park is for dogs. Not for a family outing. It's unfair to expect people to leash their dogs just because you want to bring your baby into the unleashed area.


birdwoman said...

the worst part of having a pooch is the pooper scooper. Ick.


Carmi said...

I hate inconsiderate people. My extended family is almost entirely made up of such personalities. They think solely of their own needs, even if it means inconveniencing others.

It astounds me that people can be that way. Next time, I hope Molly dumps right on the front porch of her own house.