Knot my fault

My back is killing me (literally, slowly). Last night I worked at the library organizing the stacks of newspaper (they keep 2 months of back issues of 4 major newspapers) and for three hours I was stooped over a table fixing them and now I have a knot right in the middle of my back (right where I can't get to it myself). It's quite frustrating, really. I've been hunched today to keep it from throbbing, but when I get up I have to put my shoes on and the heels aren't helping. Thank god for my purple socks:

(note: not my socks).

I made a fresh pesto sauce last night and mixed it with penne pasta and shrimp -- it was tasty. I brought the leftover pasta for lunch today. There weren't many shrimp left (they were the extras from Sunday's dinner) so we gobbled them up last night. I could seriously eat shrimp everyday and be blissfully happy.


mrsmogul said...

My husband has become a shrimp nut since we moved down here...have to try the pesto penne shrimp thing!! GOOD IDEA!!

Nikki-ann said...

I hope your back feels better now! Take care :)