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One of these days I'm going to wake up and actually want to get up to go to work. Not that it's going to happen any time soon, but maybe someday. It's not work, it's just the getting out of bed that's the problem. I don't have any problem getting up on the weekend (although this past weekend I slept in more than usual) but during the week it seems impossible. I was having a dream that I was giving birth with a bunch of other women who were also pregnant (read, though: I am not pregnant) and it was very surreal -- it didn't hurt at all, but I was trying to go to the bathroom first so I wouldn't have an "accident" while giving birth and then the arms just popped out and the nurse yanked the kid out of me by the arms and I just felt empty.

Friend Charlie from high school and his fiancée bought a house in my neighborhood - two streets over! I'm so excited to have friends so close! Not that it meant anything when I lived in Temple Terrace, since my friends in that neighborhood still never called or came over unless I made the effort. These friends are a little more extraverted though, so maybe we'll have better luck. I'm still hoping that my new neighbors are cool -- I never see them, and I'm not so good at initiating conversation when it involves knocking on the door and introducing myself. I was sort of hoping to see them outside so I could stop by. Charlie and Katie came over this weekend and celebrated their buy, and they might be coming over tonight to watch the BSC game -- Go Gators!

If I were Lola, I would be furious with me. We went to the dog park on Saturday and she played with all the other dogs. There was this other dog that looked exactly like Lola except she had very short hair all over, including her tail. It looked so good! So Christen and I decided to cut her hair, including her tail. I told Christen I felt like Delilah cutting off Samson's hair. It looks so bad! I'm getting used to it now, but I felt so bad for her when we first did it. Her tail was so cute! We were just getting so tired of the tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the wood floor all the time, so we thought if she had less hair then we would have less hair. Luckily, she doesn't seem to notice. That was not the case when she shaved her butt- she wouldn't walk with her back to us for 2 days. :) I hope it grows out soon enough.

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