Rains down in Africa

It's a shame that GTA Vice City has completely killed my love for Toto. It's still on my iPod, and everytime I hit that song in the shuffle, I can't hit the forward button fast enough. I walk into the library and Christen is listening to it on the computer (yes, he puts it on repeat). I walk into the living room and he's driving the car in GTA listening to that same station .... I just want to reach out and wring Toto's collective neck!

In other news, I am adjusting to life without glasses, slowly. It takes me less time to put them in, and Saturday I forced Christen to take me to the flea market to get a very hot pair of designer knock-offs. Everybody has good things to say about my lack-of-glasses, which worries me about how I looked with glasses, because I do still prefer them. I need to get new lenses because my prescription has gone up, so I'm stuck in contacts for at least the next two weeks, but I would ultimately like to go back to glasses full time and contacts only part time.

We finally picked out our invitations this weekend. They are very nice and way sophisticated -- and a tad expensive, but not as expensive as if we had gone to Crane or such. We stuck with Party City, because among the cheesy castle and roses invites they had a number of classy cards ... and they were 30% off, which made them much more affordable. Once they come in I'll probably post a picture so you can see what great taste we have. Ha!

Also drove down to Ellenton to putz around the outlet mall for a few hours. I got a couple pairs of jeans (the whole reason for going down there -- for some reason I fit the weird sizes better than standard), a pair of jean capris and two blouses. Christen came away with two tee-shirts, two pairs of jeans and a wool peacoat. He's wanted one of those damn coats for months, and I don't like them on men. But he could not be persuaded to stick with his leather jacket, so I am now the proud owner of a man with a wool peacoat. Hmmm.

Dinner was at Red Lobster last night as we had a gift certificate from Christmas still, and it was very tasty. Somehow we were there for almost 2 hours, but still it was tasty. I had shrimp scampi and coconut shrimp. Ahh, shrimp. Tasty little buggers, they are. And leftovers for tonight -- hurrah!

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Thumper said...

Wearing the contacts full time right now is a good thing...your eyes will adapt well to them, so that you won't suffer the back and forth headaches and itchiness that comes from wearing both.

I miss being able to wear them. Getting old sucks. Tho, trughtfully, I have a face better suited for glasses ;)