More proof of my stupidity ... and Happy New Year!

So I've told you about my stupidity regarding the lost shoes (and no, VG, they weren't even my Steve Maddens, they were my stupid little black leather flip flops with the big flower on the front), so now let me tell you about my car.

This morning I was having a terrible and weird dream where Christen coached a softball team, and kept making us move because he hated stains and bugs and whenever he saw one he would make us pack up the team and move somewhere else. So I was had trouble getting out of bed because I was oddly intrigued by what would happen next (okay, who am I kidding; I hate getting out of bed anyhow for work). So I had only about 10 minutes to get ready and get out of the house.

10 minutes later I'm sitting in my car trying to start it, but the damn thing wouldn't start. I tried not to freak out; I'm going to be late, but more importantly, why won't my car start? Will Christen have to drive me to work? Will Shelley pick me up to hang out so I'm not stranded? Finally, I go into the house and hand Christen the keys. "You start my car. I can't get it to start." he says okay, and out we go to the garage. Once we get there, he looks down at the keys in his hand. "These are my keys. Of course you aren't going to start your car!"

Fudge it. I need to go back to bed and start over.


However, I'm here and, well I'm queer in the straight sense. Happy new year! My new year's resolutions are: to start taking the stairs at work, and to start working like mad to finish the wedding stuff so I'm not freaking out 2 weeks before it happens. However, the stairs have been put off until we move floors (I'll die going up 6 flights) except when I go up and down to the 4th and up to the 7th, because those will be good for me. I started working on the wedding stuff, pricing transportation from the church to the reception, bought a couple more things for the attendant's gifts, and made a list of what I still need to do so I don't forget anything. Hopefully the girls will keep me on track (by "the girls" I mean Shell and Shea, not "the girls" as in my rack ... although that would be interesting ...)

I hope your New Year's was great! Mine was pretty good; low-key and all that. The usual suspects and I went out for dinner and drinks until they kicked us out at 11pm, then went to K&S's to watch the ball drop. I fell asleep before it fell, was woken up for a New Year's kiss, and fell back asleep until they picked me up and drove me home. I'm no good at staying up that late. I had prepped myself; Friday night we went to Theresa's house for a party which was a lot of fun and I didn't get home until around 2am (so I slept in the car, I stayed awake while I was there!) and Saturday we spent the whole day out in Orlando shopping at the Outlet Mall, having a lovely peanut butter burger at Jungle Jim's (my fav-ourite), playing minigolf and perusing Downtown Disney and didn't get home until after 1am (okay okay, I slept in the car then too -- so sue me!) and Sunday I broke up a family fight and sat on the couch all day reveling in doing nothing. So I tried to get myself used to staying up late, but I ended up crashing. I don't think the bottle of wine had anything to do with it! I swear!

Last night we went to DSW for new shoes for Christen and I ended up getting 3 pair (Christen got 2). I got some black wedge peekaboo toe shoes, black strappy wedges, and my favorite: silver strappy wedges (the proper term for the color is "diamond glitter"). They rock -- so cool! The girls at work are not impressed by my description of them (I was told to "get out of my cube" by Juliette) So I'll have to wear them to show them how wrong they are. :) Plus I still have $30 of credit so I can use my $10 coupon when it's good in 2 weeks. Hurrah!

Anyhow, back to the gridstone. Yay for me! (Can you tell I'm trying to be extra pumped about the new year?)

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TrueJerseyGirl said...

You should post a pic of those "diamond glitter" shoes - you are making me feel the need to go to DSW, like, NOW.

Happy New Year!