50 lashes with a wet noodle.

I know, I know. It's been awhile. I tried to write a bunch of times but everytime I logged into Blogger and got to this page I didn't know what I wanted to say. Work is doing alright. We still don't have desks, which is really quite ridiculous but what can you do? I'm still getting paid, and I'm alright with that. My brother spent the weekend with me and we went on a book spree. I bought 11 books. Woohoo, 11 books! Plus two for him, and I let him borrow Sarah Vowell's Take the Cannoli because he was mad I didn't give him Assassination Vacation (hey, I just bought it!) but he gave it back today already finished. Mom's thinking of letting him get his GED next year when he turns 16 because he's not cutting it in school. She had a meeting with the teachers yesterday and they accused him of being like the Columbine kids. They don't know him at all. He doesn't have anymore anger than any other kids and he's really sweet. He just doesn't have social skills. It's not his fault they don't understand him at school. At least he gets the understanding at home that he deserves. Plus he thinks it's hilarious that they think he's going to kill them. Stupid teachers.

We've been looking for houses for the past couple of weeks in South Tampa. It's ... going. I've found one I like but it's still not everything we want, and another one we both really like from the outside but the I keep trying to get ahold of the guy he doesn't answer his cell phone and he called me one time and I couldn't get to the phone in time but I called him right back and he didn't answer then either, and hasn't answered yet. And I'm not leaving 6 million messages.

Anywho, don't have anything else to say; you know how when you haven't said anything in awhile everything bubbles up too quickly? Yeah, that's how I feel. Night!

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