so far from done.

I've finished cataloguing 368 books (and thanks to MS Excel they're already in alphabetical order) with only 188 left to go. I probably won't add these books into the list because they're cookbooks, crimes & punishment books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, stylebooks, graphic novels (I have the entire series of Bone), reference supplies (like Gardner's Art Through the Ages) and antique books. But I'm surprised I got it done as quickly as I did. I'm proud of myself. It only took the entirety of High Fidelity and Adaptation. to finish.

There will be no bowling tonight, as Kyle of the Kyle/Shea couple is sick and Christen has inventory. I sit alone with my books. So I'm not really alone. I cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday morning (woke up at 7:45 for no good reason) so I haven't that to do. Perhaps another look 'round Michele since I'm now obsessed. Of course, I could be studying my work stuff, but I'm sure I can come up with something better than that :D

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