a sigh of relief.

So I think I'm done with the magazine for this month. I've been up since 8:30 and working since 10:30 and I wrote my article and finished all I'm capable of doing. There are just some things that aren't possible. At least I know my limits, right? It's been a relaxing day with a break for a tuna sandwich. I could be cleaning, but I don't think so.

We found a house in Safety Harbor that we're pretty set on. We really wanted one in South Tampa but we couldn't find anything we liked within our budget. The one we found in SH is a 2/2 1920s house a block from downtown and across the brick road from a cafe that has a live band that plays James Taylor and other nifty music. And it's quiet and the common rooms are really roomy and I'll have plenty of room for my office. And dark hardwood floors. Now we need more furniture. The landlord seems pretty cool too, which is nice. He'll pretty much let us do anything we want as long as it doesn't hurt the house. So I can paint and stuff. Woohoo! Let's just cross our fingers that we get it.

Last night I got together with some of the old fiction crew -- not enough of them, mind you, but it'll have to do. Scott was in town so we all went to Bennigan's and then retired to Brad's. I drank too much. I had four Bass ales at Bennigan's and 3/4 a bottle of wine (2003 Schmitt Soehne Riesling Spaetlese) at Brad's. I was swimmy -- it was delightful. The wine was not bad -- sweet but not White Zin sweet and very smooth. Not something I'd drink all the time but doable. It was a late night -- I didn't get home until after 1 a.m. (yes, that's late for me). Thankfully Brad lives in my apartment complex so I was able to walk home.

Wednesday night I went to a wine tasting in downtown Dunedin and saw an old friend there that I hadn't seen in ages (since her graduation party two years ago). And one of the girls I was with saw friends of hers from high school that she hadn't seen in 10 years. How odd is that? I had a lovely glass of wine there -- a Pinot Frigio, which I had never had but is pretty much like a Grigio, perhaps a little smoother. I wish I remembered the brand though. It started with a P. Any takers? Suzanne and I went to Alley Cat Cafe for dinner afterward and I didn't get home until after 12 a.m. on a work night -- I was so sleepy the next morning. My bedtime is around 10 now. But my weekends are long because I wake up by 8:30 without the alarm.

Anywhos, I think I may get some cleaning done while I still have the motivation. But I'll actually be around and not zipping around to get things done!

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