what's with all the mexican lust?

I seem to get a lot of people finding me by googling 'Mexican Lust'. Let me tell you, boys (& girls), This is what you want. I have no Mexican Lust here. La lujuria mexicana se cierra aqui. (I had to look that up on free translation. I really don't know Spanish. No Habla Espanol. Comprende?)

Also, I get a lot of "I've got Lance in my pants." People, this is the Web site you want. Leave me alone. I, contrary to popular belief, do not have Lance in my pants. He sits two seats down from me in insurance training and I'm quite certain he wants nothing to do with my pants.

Other interesting searches for the week:

Zac and Sara lyrics
stories of unrequited lust
just checking on ya ostrich
tmbg extinct animals
"give me the child, through dangers"
red elvises met justin lost email address
the urbz stop dog from peeing
houdini penis
th (seriously, they just searched "th")

Happy weekending! I'll catch you later!

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