My poor poor Pat Conroy

As Prince of Tides is one of my very favorite books (thanks to The Brad), I have wisely stayed away from the movie. However often on nights that Christen works and I have the evening off (which tends lately to be every Wednesday) I've been watching movies that I am unfortunately drawn to that he wouldn't watch. Last week it was New York Minute. Over the weekend I caught the recent version of Cheaper by the Dozen. So tonight I was flipping through the On Demand movies (I can't be troubled with a movie's true starting time) and I saw that Cinemax was showing Prince of Tides. So I tried.

Besides the fact that they left out most of my favorite parts, they left out my favorite quote. If they didn't quote from other parts of the book I wouldn't have felt so cheated. And I'll give you the quote the moment I find it again; I'm rereading it to find it word for word.

But the real tragedy is that they dumbed down such a complicated and beautiful complex story into 2 minor plot strings. Tom's sister attempts suicide and Tom's marriage is on the rocks. It's so much more than that. Don't judge the book by its "Now a Major Motion Picture" cover. As a matter of fact, just buy the trade. It's so much prettier.

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