The drink for the night tonight was a Red Zinfandel. After expressing my distaste for such wines as White Zin, I'm suprised I even tried. But I was referred to it, and I don't often pass up a referral unless I know for sure that those tastes don't match mine. VegasGustan referred me to Riesling, which I love, and now Diane from my insurance training steered me toward Red Zin (actually called just Zin, but for fear of getting white I will not leave off the color) and Sheraz (or something like that) that I'll try next time I go out. I like trying new things out so I can buy a bottle if I like it. So far the only thing I've bought a bottle of and been thoroughly satisfied with was a Chateau St. Michelle riesling.

And then, in the spirit of wine I bought Sideways, which is a lovely movie. If you haven't seen it, bypass Blockbuster and buy the damn thing. (This is, of course, as long as you aren't Morman. Evidently Mormons hate the movie. To which I say, you knew what was in it, don't say the movie sucks, say you disagree with the subject matter. I don't tell you what a fraud Joseph Smith was do I? Read The Poet and the Murderer if you want to know about that.) ... Sorry about the tangent but I came across a blog that was going off on how much it sucked, and when it came down to it it was just that she disagreed with the movie morally. Why bother then? You've read the reviews (and please tell me you read more than Best Comedy of the Year and actually read what it's about ...)

And off my soapbox I plunge. The glass of wine was actually the fourth alcoholic beverage I partook in tonight. After work the Other April and I went to happy hour and I had two Midori Sours and an Amaretto and Coke (which she said was supposed to taste like rootbeer but I didn't think so. Maybe flat rootbeer, which is just like sweet coke ... yeah, that's the ticket!)
I sleepy now. I cuddle against Christen while he samples his GT4. Good stuff, good stuff.

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