I swore I'd buy an elliptical

Driving to the new house last night, I realized that there's a gym within walking distance. I pointed this out to Christen, but I know neither of us will join. However, in the area that I'm moving it promises to be full of housewives, I'm sure. I wonder if any of them are desperate ...

It's early, and it's cold. My computer tells me it's 47 degrees outside. I know, you people in the upper parts of the world are saying, "Bloody hell, we could only wish for 47-degree weather." You know what? Suck it. I live in Florida for a reason -- the only reason, mind you. I'm cold-blooded. I can't take the cold. I can't really take the heat either, but unfortunately I haven't found a place that evens out at 74 degrees (72 is still a little chilly). Do you know of one? Can I find an editing job there?

I was evaluating my yearning to read 150 books this year. I know I made the rule, but can it include books I've already read? Because I'm thinking it might be hard to hit that number, since I'm going to have to start studying for my insurance license. I'm reading Simon Winchester's The Professor and the Madman about an editor and a contributor (2 people) of the Oxford English Dictionary, and I have to say, it's not organized very well. And it rambles. But I'm moving along through it, except that I left it at work so I can't read it over the weekend. Perhaps I'll read We Need to Talk about Kevin since I've been hearing such good things about it. It's been sitting in my bookshelves for nearly a year while I read Hornby, Palhanuik, Worrall, and Steinbeck.

Here are goals that I can't control but wish I could: Janet Fitch and Alice Sebold need to come out with more books. I can't take it anymore. They need to start writing at a faster pace.

Today is the day I go to the new house and organize it. And I organize my books. Wish me luck! It may take me all day :) I love that.


Stephanie Davies said...

Michele sent me today!

I don't envy you a bit for living in Florida, so there :P lol See if it were me, I would be in Arizona, which provides the same warm climate, without all those nasty hurricanes and floods :D

Sure I wish for 47 degree weather, but I don't simultaniously wish that a gigantic storm would come blow my house away. LOL

You have a wonderful blog here, and I'm definitely going to return for another visit :) Keep up the great work!

ribbiticus said...

i have learned that when i try to reorganize my book shelf, i end up "rediscovering" a previously loved book that i want to read over. that, of course, delays the whole re-organizing thing so it takes about an entire day or two - lol! good luck on studying for the license!

here via michele today. :)

barb said...

yeah, I agree with the re-reading old books idea... I was just thinking about that myself. Some books that I absolutely LOVED at some previous point in my life, I want to re-read to see how I relate to it at this point.

Thumper said...

:::eyes the elliptical:::

I'll sell ya one... ;)

panthergirl said...

I agree with the Florida thing. I drove my son down there two years ago in February to escape winter, and it never got over 42 degrees!! It was FREEZING!!!!!

Hawaii is the place, my dear. Perfect. Or maybe San Diego?

How do you read so many books? My goal is to actually finish books this year instead of starting a zillion of them and getting too distracted to continue.

Do you listen to books? I may have to start doing that.

Here by way of michele, but I'm always happy to be here.

Carmi said...

When you find that mythical place, please let me know. I'm now looking out at a back yard covered with snow.

Oddly, I was in Florida not three days ago. We should have stayed for good!

utenzi said...

150 books in a year? Wow. That's ambitious. I read that many when I was in high school but since I started working it's more like 50 a year. Good luck with your goal, April.

L said...

re-reading is perfectly allowable... I do it all the time myself