Oh happy tea day!

I love this tea:

-- and I really don't like green tea, so I only drink the black. Well I just found out that black teas are just as good for you as green teas, so now i'm totally psyched (dude... ). Not that I cared that much before as I mainly drink it for flavor rather than health benefits anyhow, but every little bit helps, right?

It's been a crazy few days with moving -- we've been moving a little bit every night because we both work every day, so all that's really left at the old house is the tv system and the couch in the livingroom and 1 bookcase and all the stuff in the bedroom. Tonight we move the last of the library and this weekend I'm going to try to organize as much as I can. Christen bought me another bookcase (hoorah!) so I'll put that together and decide where it goes too. This way I get to decide how everything is set up (see, I'm sneaky like that). Plus that way the dog can run around to her heart's content.

Speaking of Lola, she's driving me crazy! I've decided that she thinks that if she doesn't get enough attention (and she hasn't during the move) that she can start chewing on whatever she can find. That dog finds more socks to chew up than I thought I had! Last night she chewed one of my old purses from under the bed, which meant that she had to wiggle under the bed and go fishing for stuff to chew ... Damn dog. We're giving my snake to my mom because I don't really take him out of the cage that much now and he really needs to be socialized, and Christen goes (after she chewed up my most expensive pair of shoes), "Why are we giving the snake away? He doesn't chew anything but mice?"

I'd have to agree. But she's much better when she gets attention and has stuff to do. Being locked up while we move isn't the best for her. We'll have to see after we move to see if she needs obedience training or something. She used to be fine; I think she'll get better. If I don't murder her first for chewing up my shoes and socks. ....


glomgold said...

I was under the impression that green tea was better for a person as well. This news about the black stuff is good (if it applies to bubble tea too). I think I will give that meme of yours a try.

the frog princess said...

I found an article here about the health benefits of black tea. Drink on!