It happened one Tuesday

After an aborted effort to wake me up this morning, Lola decided to pee inside the house. On. My. Laptop.

I have to explain where it was and why. Although I don't keep it in the oven, I do generally leave it on the sofa. Last night we decided to move the sofa and the television to the new house, leaving the laptop to nap on the floor. Rather, I found that it is a very good thing that since the fans are on the bottom, we use it on a lapdesk to keep it cool, because when I picked it up it was the computer this morning to check my email I found the bottom of the lapdesk to be wet, and then my robe to be ... wet. So I checked the area where my computer was laying and lo and behold! A puddle.

Now she doesn't mess in the house that often, generally just when she didn't go out late enough at night and I neglect to wake up when she paws at my back in the morning. So I couldn't punish her. But why next to my computer? Why? Damn dog.

I'm not telling Christen. He. Would. Murder. Her.

Laptop still works. Robe needs to be washed.

In other news, tonight the bed is to be moved and then we will be staying in the new house fulltime. Christen closes on Wednesday so I'll be able to clean up and organize. Organize, organize, organize! Thursday the cable dudes give me internet at the new house and voila! Then it is home. I'm having a superbowl/housewarming/birthday party for friends on, well, Superbowl Sunday, so that gives me a little over 2 weeks for it to be perfect. Anybody have a pool table or fooseball table I can buy? Cheap? And a spare bed for the spare room?


Thumper said...

I have a 7 foot cheapy pool table I want to sell...but I imagine the shipping costs would be hell...

Karen said...

Ah, yuck. I can imagine calling tech support and explaining that situation. Crazy!

Michele sent me!

craziequeen said...

all go in your household...[gulp]

Don't be too harsh on Lola - accidents happen [chuckle]

Michele sent me...

Carmi said...

I've always had nightmares about my kids or - when he was still alive - our cat doing something horrid to my technology.

Even worse, these kinds of things would always happen the night before a huge deadline.

Thankfully they've always managed to steer clear of my laptop and related doodads. Thank goodness everything worked out this time out.

barb said...

oooh, cat pee or the oven... not sure which is worse. you at least didn't have to buy a new case.