You say up, I say down.

It's been a holiday season to forget, but likely one we will never forget. There have been surgeries, stitches, homes to be kicked out of, trucks to be totaled, cancers, bug problems, stove issues (those last two were related) ... etc, etc etc. But it is a new year, and Christen finally got a new truck, we have a new house (moving this month, you'll get updated pix once complete) and if we can get over the money crises that come with every holiday season, this year has to be better than last.

Our NYE I think was the best it's ever been, I think. No pictures, but we went to the new Green Iguana and ate outside and watched the patio fill up with drunk ugly skanks (Christen and Kyle picked out the ugliest "woman" there, and I'd have to say, she definitely fit the bill). We got there about 7:30 and left around 11:30, in time to see King Kong for midnight. It ran until 3am, but was really good (I didn't even fall asleep!) but I'd have to say GI was the best idea of the night. And it was mine! :) And I never make decisions ... hehe.

We all got drunk, and I spilled red wine down the front of me, and secrets were spilled and it was a grand way to ring in the New Year. I made resolutions I think I can make: to be on time more to work (I'm always 15-20 minutes late), to let less things bother me and therefore have a less stressful year, and just on average for this year to be better than last. I think it will be. I've got the inside scoop.

NYD was calm and quiet -- we watched the Bucs game (woohoo! Go Bucs!) and went to the bank to deposit Christmas monies and grocery shopping before returning for the late football game during which I fell asleep. This morning I took the dog for a walk to drop off our 30-day notice to the realty and sat here with you for a short time. I'm going book shopping with L, and my sister is going to help me do some moving a little later. Perhaps there will be more pictures (and maybe I'll even show you the front of the house this time!)


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