relaxing? wha?

It's been a lonely busy weekend for me. Christen's working, so I should be hanging out or having fun or something, but somehow I decided that wasn't for me, so I've been brooding about doing all the housework myself while in fact doing all the housework. I changed bulbs I've been waiting for him to change, installed the doorknob I figured he'd do, did four loads of laundry that I hoped he'd start on his last day off which didn't happen. I know I should just tell him that I'm unhappy that I seem to be doing all the work, but somehow it doesn't come out of my mouth. Today I plan on alphabetizing the cds and set up the nintendo and phone system that he's been saying he'd do, and maybe I'll clean my car (that's another one). This morning I read the paper and had a mini quiche out on the deck while Lola laid at my feet.

She's decided to use the doggie door. I was so happy I kept going in and out the regular door so that she'd follow me through her door. It's like my new favorite toy!

I have nothing else to say, really. I'm going to go on about my brooding. Happy trails!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele today...Housework would make me brood, too...! What is it about it that seems so depressing?? Happy your Doggie is on to the doggie door!

lisa said...

Hi Michele sent me. Books, I love books! I'm gonna peek around some more.

I already read about your poor dog, consider yourself lucky - something like that happened to my dog once, but it was inside the house. Sigh.

PresentStorm said...

Hey sounds like my day ...I have always wondered why a lot of men can not see that things need to be done and just do them ..Mine will do what I want of I ask him ...but not a minute before...

Have a great Day !!! Michele sent me :)

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