She bangs

There's this strip club that I drive by everyday on my way to work and they have the greatest billboards. Last year around Christmas it said, "Have yourself some Mary for Christmas" and this year after New Years it said, "Break your resolutions here". This week's is "We play well with others." I find myself looking forward to the new one every week. I want to know who comes up with these things. Probably not the people who work there (not to knock strippers, Autumn I know you tried it for 3 weeks) ... is there a stripper net (not fishnet) where they can get these? So funny.

There was a bicycle place in Tampa that did the same thing. But the story about that isn't as funny as a strip club.


kenju said...

Well, the advertising is creative and amusing. But I always wonder what a parent says to a child who asks about a billboard like that.
Sort of when the song "Afternoon Delights" came out and my kids were forever asking me what it meant. I think they knew and wanted to see if I did.....LOL

Michele sent me.

Autumn said...

They must have a catalogue, because people in strip joints have the imagination of a dried out toadstool.

Not the fun kind of mushroom, either.

I danced longer than 3 weeks, I think it was closer to 5 when I quit. I'm just glad the bruises have healed, the clear heels are gone and it's all over now. There are still some songs I cannot listen to on the radio!

birdwoman95 said...

kenju, I wondered what the big deal about that afternoon delight song was for years! then I listened to it as a teenager...

and wondered how it ever got popular. It's so icky.



NPR Junky said...

FP, I'm with you. I would look forward to those billboards too. "Break your resolutions here" Priceless! However, thinking about it, Shameful!