What the heck?

While attempting to post on a fellow Tampa blogger's site, my comment was rejected for "objectionable content." Now, given my lack of a predisposition for objectionable content, aren't you curious to know what my comment was? Well, they had been writing about how this might be Alstott's last year in the NFL, and my comment was (are you ready?):

"Did you read in Sunday's Trib that someone wants him to run for mayor? How obnoxious. I love Alstott just like the rest of the town, but I don't know about politics. It's like when Bubba ran for Sheriff. ... except Alstott's got more class."

I think that some of these sites are getting a little crazy with the comment filtering. I had the word verification on, but I even took that off (well, because I kept failing the dern thing). Don't like a comment? Delete the damn thing.

What are your thoughts on severe comment filtering?


Jeff said...


If you had e-mailed me, I would have explained that there's a difference between filtering and bad comment code.

I've had problems for 6 months with the code and have tried to fix it to no avail.

It even stops my comments from being posted on the site on occasion.

So before you go all witch-hunty on me, understand that some things are restrictive and some things are just downright faulty.

On that note, nice blog. I like the writing and the personal posts.



barb said...

It's silly. I don't bother with it. But hey, I'm tagging you for this meme, if you do that sort of thing. You have to go to my site to see it I guess because it won't let me leave a link here.


the frog princess said...

Hey Jeff,
I didn't think it was your fault that it wouldn't let me post, but I think some of the systems cut things that wouldn't generally be considered bad. Yours was not the first, I just was confused by it.

On the note of filtering, there are a lot of filters out there, and many of them are just as annoying to me as those blogs that add random music or make you hit "okay" a bunch ... you know the ones :)

the frog princess said...

barb -- I come and go with memes, but I think it's a good one to start the year off with. Once I get home tonight I'll look into it :)

Jamie said...

I took the comment verification off one of mine to- I had trouble with my p's and q's, literally.

While I have never seen any other system of comment filtering, I have encountered some pretty mean people that left some pretty nasty comments on my blog. I just delete them.

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Mr Anigans said...

i was reluctant to use the word verification....but those spammers were killing me.

i believe "when Bubba ran for sheriff" is a colloquialism used by secret albino communities deep in the appalachia meaning "stick it in the bum you dirty philistine"

i could be wrong.....or lying.....

the frog princess said...

You know what's worse? Not knowing for sure if a commenter is a spammer or not. Like that guy up there, Edward Martin? He looks like a spammer, but his site looks like a legit blog ...

Shin shin -- Bubba is "Bubba the Love Sponge", who used to be on the radio here until he got fired for costing the station too much in FCC fines. Now he's going to go join Howard Stern on Sirius. I just realized the other day that he legally changed his name -- there goes his credit! :)

glomgold said...

Severe comment filtering seems unnecessary quite often. Especially if what you described was the case! I turned off word verification on my blog and it hasn't been too bad. Only 4 or 5 spams since.