Life as we know it?

Sadly, I am writing this one at work, as the system has been down for nearly two hours and I've run out of non-computer related busy work. It has been an interesting week, and I have the stories to prove it!

Here's my favorite:
Saturday Christen and I got a doggy door for the sliding glass door and decided to install it. As he was putting it in, he thought he'd clean out the tracks, so he took one of the doors off and leaned it up against the wall outside on the deck. Now, you people not in Tampa need to know that it was very blustery and windy that day. Christen was cleaning out the track, Lola was milling around on the deck and the wind was blowing, when all of a sudden the wind picks up behind the glass door and flips it onto the deck! The dog yelped and ran, and I went to go check on her when Christen picked the door back up -- not broken, but there was a streak of dirt spots all down the front. At first he thought it was dirt from the deck. He looked at it, then he stuck his finger in it and sniffed ...

... you know the phrase, "scared the shit out of her" ?? ... yep, that's what it was -- all over the sliding door. I caught up with her in the yard -- cowering by the corner of the house, and it was all over her backside too, so I cleaned her up, and thankfully she wasn't hurt. But she didn't venture back onto the deck for about a half hour, and she still won't go through the doggy door unless we hold the flap open for her. Anybody know how to teach her to go through it?


The other thing is that I found out that my foot problem is dyshidrotic eczema. And it's a really bad case of it. This is why I'm having issues walking. I was given a cream and a foot regiment and a derm appt. I really can't wait for the derm appointment, because I have other patches of light eczema and I really want something to fix that too -- yay! Hopefully I'll be able to wear heels again in 4 weeks! I'm so sick of wearing loafers.


So did you watch American Idol last night? I couldn't really get into it at all. I DVR'd Scrubs and Love Monkey for Christen and watched AI, but I just wasn't that impressed by anyone yet. I know it's early -- but I was much more into it even from the beginning last season -- and that was the only season I cared at all. I think they were delirious letting the last guy on though. They were just looking for comic relief for Hollywood.


So I've been on facebook for a while but I'm really not that into it -- I don't care one way or the other. Every once in awhile I get into it and search or update stuff, but whatever. And I never got into MySpace at all. Well, my friend at work (Other April) has been talking about it lately so I went on this morning, and goodness gracious. There are a lot of people I know. So maybe I'll get a little more into it (right now I have 3 friends: Rese, L, and Jamie) ... maybe, we'll see.

Anyhow, I'm going to go read while I wait for the system to come back up. I've been a really good reader this month -- probably because it's the first month. I'll give an end-of-the month synopsis in a couple weeks, probably phrased like the Polysyllabic Spree: books I've bought, books I've read. See you!


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Jamie said...

Wow- I can't believe that search engine found you.

Have you tried putting treats on the other side of the door? Let her see you place them there. Hopefully that would help!

When my dog was a puppy she once peed all over herself when another dog ran at her. I felt bad but I couldn't stop laughing!

the frog princess said...

it probably searched blogs for foot problems or something. They're wierd, but I'd rather deal with them then try to pass the word verification. :)

I've tried treats, I've tried not helping her in and making her come in when she's hungry (except that I feel bad and I let her in anyhow), I've tried everything I can think of. Any other ideas?

VegasGustan said...

From everything I've seen the food thing is the best way. You just have to be strong and she will come through. Dogs become creatures of habit very fast and if you constantly hold the flap for her she will always expect it. If you put a trail of food through the door and into her food bowl that might help her. However, you can't give in not for a while. Be strong young grasshopper.

birdwoman said...

you gotta love it when systems go down long enough to give you an excuse to do nothing.

We've got this huge re-org going down here, so all my projects are at a standstill. Hence, blogging and reading blogs.

Hope your tootsies are better!