I'm in a wretched mood today. I wish it would rain again to match my mood, but knowing the weather it'll only rain when I don't want it to -- like every other day. I'm still upset about my hair, which I know I should get over but I'm having trouble doing so.

I tried to print my Save the Dates and the f&@$# printer has decided to not work. It works when Christen uses it, but being that he's never home (damn back-to-school time) I'm stuck not being able to do anything. It's one of those wireless deals, and a friggin' expensive one at that, and it won't friggin' work. I went out and got a USB cable, because in the mess of all those extra cables we have I couldn't find a single USB cable. Still doesn't work.

But I went ahead and bought a caligraphy pen to do the addresses, so I might just do that today and try to get Christen to do the printing if and when he ever gets to come home. Tomorrow is his only day off this week. Don't get me started.


Karen said...

Sorry it took so long to get here today. I was called away by an important phone call.

Now that I'm here, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a bad day. Hope it improves and your printer works soon!

Michele sent me. Try and enjoy the rest of the day!

utenzi said...

That sounds very trying, April. I hope you're able to get Christen to show you how to make the printer cooperate sometime. Those mechanical devices are supposed to obey us, y'know?

I think red hair looks great, but since you're quite upset about it--yours might be an exception, April. In any case, is it really worth getting rain just to mope? *hug* I hope you feel better!

*Gosh--red hair! Oh, my*

Michele sent me here to think about the color red, April.

glomgold said...

It'll probably rain again this friday afternoon, right before work lets out. That's how it's been for a month.