Death and JuJu Beans

Don't ask -- it was just the first thing that popped into my head. wha?

It's been an interesting week. Well, some of it is, so I'll just lie and say the whole darn thing was.

Saturday (yes, my week starts with Saturday -- what about it...) I went dress shopping with Shea and my mom and sister. I found a couple that I really loved, and decided on my bridesmaid dresses -- yay :).

Sunday Shea and I looked at reception sites and chapels. I found one of each that I adored, but Christen and I will have to go again this week to make the decision.

Monday -- not interesting in the least. hehe.

Tuesday -- Luau!!! So fun, and the food was amazine -- thanks Richard! There were great friends there, and fireworks, and a mean game of Trivial Pursuit (you know me) ... the decorations are still up, and may stay up for 6 months -- who knows? Maybe I can come as a hula dancer to my own Halloween party, and I won't ever have to take the decorations down at all!

Wednesday -- my birthday! We had a nice night at home, with Chicken Bryan and garlic spinach. Yum! I got some cool things, and beautiful yellow and pink roses.

Thursday -- yep, not interesting.

Today -- nope, not interesting :)

Rooting for the weekend again! Aren't you glad you wasted time with this blog? I didn't realize I had nothing to say until I got partway through, and by then it was just too late. I'm sure it was the same for you. Thanks for coming!


VegasGustan said...

You are welcome. Not every post has to be filled with profundity.

ordinarygirl said...

Happy belated birthday!

L said...

---- let me know if you want to go book shoppping again :)

L said...

oh! and happy belated birthday! I didn't realize!!!!!