What was I going to blog about?

So the girls and I are sitting around people watching at International Mall and snacking on Gelato when I said, "you know, I'm probably going to blog about this." The only problem is, I don't remember what I was going to blog about! So here's a lowdown of what we did:

--made Shea squeeze into all these tea length dresses only to decide that the full length one is definitely the one we're going with.
--went for sushi and it was disappointingly not as good as usual.
--wandered around the mall working off our sushi and to make room for gelato (Shea wanted to look at this ring in Tiffany's she's been ogling but the salesman was less than helpful).
--munched on tasty gelato (I got Nutella ... The Bracio was still better, but there's always next time!)
--dropped by DSW for a cute pair of tweedish brown pumps (Thanks Becky! Still lots of $$ left in credit!)
--came home and collapsed.

So while I still don't know what I had planned on saying (was it about the lady with the huge fake hard-as-rox boobs? or Shea's nipple popping out?) Come on, girls ... remind me. Nevertheless, we had a great time ... and I put money down on my dress! I made a decision on it! Ahh, it's real! Pinch Me!

Okay I'm done.

Oh!!!!!!! Update: I remember what I planned on blogging about. So we're in Waldensbooks because Shell wanted to check out their Manga, and Shea and I were looking at wedding books ... and right next to the wedding books are Kama Sutra books ... with giant color photos of these positions! So we're checking it out, and we were laughing so hard that everyone in the store knew exactly what we were looking at and one of the ladies working there comes up and asks if she could help us! It was f$#-ing hilarious! So we told her that we were looking at the wedding books and then had moved on to the honeymoon books :) hehe. She tagged on by saying if that doesn't work, you always have this section, and motioned to the Romance section (by far the biggest section, BTW). hehe ... so funny :)

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