Death of a Squirrel Toy

So Lola is into destructive chewing. My "parenting" web sites say this is because she is lonely and bored, and possibly stressed (she does have a lot of separation anxiety, so that makes sense). So I've been trying to get her toys so that she has stuff to play with. She has a Kong, and a rope toy (which has also bit the dust as of last night) and occasionally I get her stuffed animals. The problem with stuffed animals is that she tears them up in no time flat. So I bought her this one that was considered "indestructable". MmmHmm ... sure. I wish I had taken a picture of it before, but it took her about 2 hours to render it "destructable". Here are the pictures of it now:


birdwoman said...

Kongs rock - do you fill yours and freeze it?

Nothing else ever occupied my dogs as well.

though the squeaky toy did freak the heck out of my neurotic one for quite a while!

ordinarygirl said...

My mother-in-law has two dogs that destroy toys in the same manner. I've found a few stuffed toys that last more than a few days, but it's rare. So I just buy two 99 cent stuffed animals when I go buy usually.

The kitchen (guessing) photos look just like my house. Scary!