So it's been one of those days. I didn't go to work. I tried ... halfheartedly, but I did try. My head hurt so bad when I woke up. First I told them 9am, then 10:30am ... finally I called to say I wasn't coming in. Twelve hours later, I still have a little headache, but not too bad now. I made a key lime pie with a beautiful meringue with my lovely new mixer, and a tasty lasagna. The girls were supposed to come over, but Shell called to say she wasn't feeling well, and I didn't hear from Shea at all. So tonight I am alone watching movies and trying to decide if I'm up to doing laundry. I watched The Man in the Moon and and now I'm on Must Love Dogs, which I've seen before and was sweet and amusing.
But I did have a slice of lasagna and a slice of pie, and I have to tell you all -- you're really missing something with my cooking. Both were delicious. :)

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NPR Junky said...

Ok, whom can I talk to to make Palm Harbor and Wilmington, DE closer together?

Dang it!