Huzzah for good wine, good friends, good music and good sushi!!

So last night was girl’s night, and this time it was just Shelley and I instead of our usual trio. We went to the sushi place in Boot Ranch that I have been dying to try since I noticed it six months ago. We walked in, ordered drinks, looked at the menu …. paid for our drinks and left. There was nothing good on the menu. I mean nothing. So we drove down the road to the sushi place that opened next to Emerald City comics and ate there – it was fantastic! So glad we skipped out on the other place. We ate way too much and spent about the amount we would have spent at Chili’s, and the rolls were really great. We had crunchy spicy tuna (Shea, you would have loved – a little spicy for me, of course), a Phillie roll, a Mexican Roll and a spider roll. Mmmm … god, I love sushi.

Afterward we went to HomeGoods to wander a little bit and I got a springform pan in which to make cheesecake … and then we went to The Zone in Tarpon to see some friends of mine play. The Zone is this neat little coffeeshop/bar/hookah lounge with comfy couches. The band was great (nods to Ben and Levin) and the company was great. We had a fantastic time. I had a couple glasses of a very good petit syrah and Shell had two Long Beach Ice Teas. We stayed out so late (well, for us anyhow) and had such a good time neither of us wanted to go home (I drove around the block a couple times while we continued to talk). This morning however, I woke up with a horrendous headache. It wasn’t a hangover headache (I do know what that feels like) but I couldn’t move. I had a couple days a few weeks ago the same way. I came in a couple hours late, hoping that the headache would go away. It didn’t, but finally after lunch it faded a bit so now I feel pretty okay. I’ve had plenty to do, so I haven’t really had time to think about it either. My iPod is on its last battery-operated leg today – I forgot to charge it. The battery says empty but it’s puttering along for me, thankfully. If it can just get me through the next 2 ½ hours until I leave, I’ll be happy. I’m going to a cookout at Stacy’s house tonight and I have to go home and get the meat before motoring over to her place. Fun fun! I’ll let you know how it goes … I hope it stops raining!


NPR Junky said...

Oh my god you lead such an excitingly fun filled life...you're always doing interesting things with your friends! I think I need to move so I can start eating sushi and walking through home goods with you, too.

Shane said...

oh man, i love spider roll!
also like lobster roll (my favorite)
I live on sushi and sashimi. my wife and i buy small blocks of fresh tuna and cut our own.